Welcome to the New Year!

Welcome to the New Year!

Hey there, welcome to the new year—2024 is here, and it's shaping up to be an exciting time for all of us in the ceramics world!

Looking back, 2023 was a roller coaster ride. It flew by too fast, but oh boy, what a year! Amidst the challenges and tough times, there were incredible moments of growth and joy that truly fuelled my inspiration.

Last year was a turning point for my ceramics venture. I decided to dive headfirst into making my business a success. From hustling at more markets to boosting my online presence, setting up my own cosy studio, offering private classes, and even starting my very own YouTube channel 😉, it was a whirlwind of creativity and hard work. Thinking about all the strides I made fills me with immense pride.


So, what's in store for 2024? Well, I'm aiming higher. I'm planning exciting product drops to create a buzz around my ceramics. Plus, my YouTube channel is all about sharing the nitty-gritty of my studio life and the daily bits because, let's be real, what happens in the studio is pure magic, and I want to share that magic with fellow small businesses in ceramics.

Setting some goals for this year: growing my social media gang—I post some pretty cool stuff, so join the fun! I'm also stoked about teaching more classes each week. There's something magical about seeing my students create amazing pieces. And guess what? I'm dead set on making my dream a reality—opening my very own ceramics shop and studio! It's been my goal since the beginning, and it's happening.

This year is going to be huge! Loads of work ahead to nurture my business, and oh yeah, on a personal note, I'm getting hitched! So, while I'm juggling business plans, I'm also knee-deep in wedding prep. Join me on this wild ride!


Reflect on your wins from 2023, big or small, and let's set some awesome goals for 2024!

Love, Tay xx

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