My First Collection

My First Collection

Yo! Hey! Wasss up! Let's talk clay...

My first collection is launching in 2 days and I am beyond excited to share my work and hopefully find new homes for all my clay babies. 

Since August 2021, I have been working day and night, testing designs, different clays and glazes to create a collection that I am happy with and want to share with my friends, family and all of you! 

All though I love my first collection, I'm so excited to see how I can improve and discover who I am as a brand and make different, exciting things. 

My inspiration for this collection was making pieces that are practical, everyday items but also bring a little bit of life into your home. Sipping on your cute, comfy mug with your favourite cup of coffee on a rainy day. Or eating your go to breakfast in your new breakfast bowl. I personally have used 90% off the products in the new launch, my favourites have to be the curvy mugs as they fit perfectly in my hands and also the spoon holder, making dinner time a lot less messy. 

I really hope that all of you enjoy this collection and look forward to seeing a whole lots more. 

I am always looking to improve and discover new ideas, please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or even products you would like to see on the website. 

Hope you all have the best day. I'll be sipping on my curvy mug all day and I hope you guys will be soon too. 

Love Tay! Xx

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